Titan™ Blueberry
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Titan™ Blueberry

Ships: 10/15/2024 - 06/01/2025


About Titan™ Blueberry...

  This product cannot be shipped to California, Washington.
Grows in zones: 7 - 8

Titan™ Blueberry plant is a new release from the University of Georgia. It produces the largest rabbiteye blueberries to date. Berries that are as big around as quarters and just as tasty as their smaller cousins. The Titan™ fruits are also very firm and perfect for fresh eating. This quality also allows for longer storage time for commercial and u-pick operations. The estimated chill requirement for Titan™ is 500 - 550 hours below 45 degrees. It should be planted with other rabbiteye blueberry plants to encourage good cross pollination for maximum production. (Zones 6b-8)

Prices for Titan™ Blueberry

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Size Ships Price
10/15/2024 - 06/01/2025 $14.95
+/-3' (Fruiting Size)
10/15/2024 - 06/01/2025 $29.95
+/-4' (Fruiting Size)
10/15/2024 - 06/01/2025 $34.95

Zone Map

Grows in zones: 7 - 8